Excursion to Agafay desert near Marrakech

Activities in Agafay desert

  • Camel  ride

  • Quads & Buggy

  • dinner or lunch

Enjoy Excursion to Agafay desert. And Atlas Mountain View with Quad Bike Adventure Experience

Admire the view of the landscape and the High Atlas Mountains.

Enjoy a complimentary Moroccan mint tea during a perfect break with panoramic views

Be amazed at night with a special live entertainment show of a delicious Moroccan dinner in a very famous restaurant.


Experience an unforgettable end of the day and get ready around 4:00 p.m. As a pick up for a maximum of adventure and Moroccan gastronomy in one of the famous places where you will enjoy one of the best moments with a Quad and a delicious dinner in a charming sparkling night of the rocky Agafay desert.

  • Quads & Buggy

Be welcomed by an Agafay Quad Bike team who will explain to you how to use the bike. Some instructions before departure on the equipment you will use (goggles, gloves, and hamlet) then a test drive with the Quad guide. The adventure begins, follow the quad guide who will take you to see breathtaking landscapes at the top of the Agafay desert, enjoy this moment of adventure with a local and professional Quad guide and also take beautiful photos at the top of the natural dunes. The trek that the guide will take you is one of the fascinating choices to enjoy every part of the desert.

  • Camel  ride

Admire the magnificent sunset of a truly great rocky desert and calm landscape. Meet the camel ride staff who will welcome you and arrange a camel for you to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

  • dinner or lunch

On the way back, rest and enjoy the moment by drinking the Moroccan mint tea, before meeting an incredible and sweet staff who will make you taste the Moroccan gastronomy with the landscapes and the animated show of the desert c It’s also a time to enjoy the beautiful scenery and natural weather in Agafay. A famous moment marked at night with the stars twinkling in a dark desert night.

End it with a beautiful moment created at the Agafay camp, and find our driver waiting for you once you have spent your last moment with the kindness of the staff and be welcomed at any time in the Agafay desert. finally ends of our Excursion to Agafay desert.

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