Guided tour of Marrakech

Firstly our Guided tour of Marrakech will start after breakfast at the hotel. Then whole day will be devoted to visiting the historical city of Marrakesh. The“Pearl of the South”. Since the city was one of the capitals of the Kingdom during the reign of the three dynasties of the Moroccan sultans. It got a large number of museums and architectural monuments.

Each Monument in the city is a piece of art. The whole morning will be devoted to getting to know them (the Koutoubia Mosque, the Manara Pavilion surrounded by olive plantations. The tombs of the Saadian sultans. A fine example of palace architecture the Bahia Palace, El Badii palace, in addition to the Majorelle Gardens. After lunch, you will visit the most colorful market in Morocco and the famous Jemaa El Fna square. This is a real theater in the open air where you will see snake charmers. Healers, sorcerers, merchants of fruits, and exotic spices. Finally ends of Guided tour of Marrakech services.

The history of Marrakesh

Marrakech is city in southern Morocco, stretches back nearly a thousand years. The country of Morocco itself is named after it.

Founded c. 1070 by the Almoravids as the capital of their empire; Marrakesh went on to also serve as the imperial capital of the Almohad Caliphate from 1147. The Marinids, who captured Marrakesh in 1269, relocated the capital to Fez, leaving Marrakesh as a regional capital of the south. During this period, it often broke off in rebellion into a semi-autonomous state. Marrakesh was captured by the Saadian sharifs in 1525, and resumed its status as imperial capital for a unified Morocco after they captured Fez in 1549. Marrakech reached its epic grandeur under the Saadians, who greatly embellished the city. The Alawite sharifs captured Marrakesh in 1669. Although it served frequently as the residence of the Alawite sultans, Marrakesh was not their definitive capital, as Alawite sultans moved their courts frequently between various cities.

guided tour of marrakech guided tour of marrakech

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